Learn more about LED video walls

Vivid & bright displays

Stunning colors and contrast

Up to 4K resolution

Seamless display design

Simple installation and repair

Customizable modules

Highly energy efficient

50,000 hour lifespan

Simple software interface

What is an LED panel?

Hundreds of light emitting diodes (LEDs) are mounted directly onto each panel and together produce images by the light and color they emit. This creates a bright, efficient, stunning display. 

Why choose LED over a traditional projector?

LED video displays are quickly overtaking projectors in popularity for many reasons. Projectors can lose up to 30% of their brightness within the first 2 years of use. Sunlight and surrounding light sources make projected images much less vivid and clear than LED screens. Projectors also require more mounting space and a large, obstacle-free projection path. LED displays do not have such limitations.  The definite superiority of LED in displaying deep contrast and dark colors like black and brown, and the long-term financial benfits of an energy efficient LED display, without the continual costs of replacing dusty filters and expensive projector bulbs, are some of the reasons LED video walls are the future, and projectors are the past. An LED video wall may cost more up front, but the long-term benefits and savings make it a worthy investment for a superior product.

Are ExpoTron’s LED walls in HD? 4K?

Most of our screens have the capability of achieving High Definition (HD) or even 4K quality, but this depends on the size and resolution of the video wall you are installing. Let us know your needs and we work hard to meet every requirement!

How energy efficient is an LED video wall?

Choosing an LED panel display reaps huge savings in energy costs over time. An ExpoTron LED display properly installed and maintained can reach over to 50,000 hours of lifetime use, which would be over 5 years of 24/7 use.

How do I display my own content and graphics?

Our video wall packages include everything you need to display your own content. Our system incorporates a user-friendly software interface which allows you to ealisy edit, coordinate and send your content through the system controller, which arranges and displays the image seamlessly on the LED panels for a truly beautiful image.

What types of screens does ExpoTron offer?

We offer state-of-the-art indoor fixed video walls available an endless array of sizes, in 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm pixel pitches, in our Galileo Series. Our Newton series are premium quality portable video walls systems available in indoor models in both 2.84mm and 3.91mm pixel pitches, and outdoor models in both 4.81mm and 6.25mm pixel pitches. See our Choosing a Video Wall page for more details on how to select the perfect screen for your project.

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