National Certification

Lab tested to meet UL standards.

Harper Illumination, Inc. ensures that our ExpoTron products have been lab certified to meet or exceed UL standards by a Nationally Recognized Testing Lab (NRTL) that has been approved by US Department of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). UL is a widely recognized global leader in testing and certification, appearing on 22 billion products each year and earning the title of single most accepted certification mark in the US.

These standards include analyzing risk of shock, hazardous voltage, risk of fire, high temperatures, biological risks such as retinal damage, electromagnetic radiation and other health concerns, further technical requirements and specific usage and instructional parameters.


Why is this certification so important?

Electrical products must meet UL standards in the US to comply with national laws.

Many competitors fail to complete this testing and put consumers at risk for injuries, electrical issues, liabilities and extra costs.

ExpoTron products meet the highest level of quality control and ensure you are purchasing a product that:

  • complies with building codes, electrical safety codes, municipal codes and fire codes
  • has been properly tested and complies with current standards through its recognizable certification marks
  • does not put yourself, your business, your viewers or your building at risk for accident, injury, electrical problems, additional liabilities or legal issues


Our Certification

ExpoTron LED video walls have been lab certified to meet or exceed UL standards 60950-1. All ExpoTron products are certified by SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.

View our SGS lab certification