Delivery and Installation

We’ll take care of you. Every step of the way.

Our ExpoTron team will work with you throughout the entire process of ordering, receiving, and installing your screen. Support structures can be designed by our engineers, and our tech team will assist with the installation and training for you to be able to fully enjoy your screen.


We’ll work with your schedule and needs to determine the best time for delivery and installation (if neccesary). Depending on the model and screen size the delivery time can vary. Backordered items will require both production and shipping time. Items which are already in stock generally take 10 business days to be delivered. 

Our tech team can help you with receiving the products, organizing all panels and cabling, and proceeding to the installaton.


Structural and Electrical Support

We will provide standard drawings for most situations that can show how electrical and structural support can be engineered. This includes installation instructions, manual specifications and standard drawings. We can provide engineers to modify these plans for your specific project or can provide the neccesary details and specifications to your own engineer or contractor.

Legal Requirements

The legal requirements for installing LED video screens include structural and electrical plans that comply with local laws in addition to a building permit for any additional structures. ExpoTron products are lab certified to meet UL standards and the strictest federal regulations certified by OSHA approved nationally recognized laboratories.

These certifications and standards along with our expert team of designers, engineers, and architects, will give you the peace of mind that your ExpoTron LED screen is complying with US law and meeting the highest standards of safety.

Installation, Set Up and Training

Installation and set up time can vary depending on size and scope of your project; in general installation takes about 3 days.
For example, a recent project installing a 30’x12’ indoor video wall took a crew of 2 ExpoTron supervisors, 2 structural engineers and 2 electrical and technical staff provided by the client about 3 full work days to install, or 24 hours total.

Depending on your needs and budget we have a few options available for installation and training.  Your own team can be remotely supported via instructional videos and video chat from our in-house tech team.  Or, our tech team can come to you  for a full-service installation. Please contact for additional details on this service.